Viktoria Sophie Conzelmann, Aika Furukawa, Luna Haser, Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz


Premiere der ersten Ausgabe des ODP Gallery Magazine und Eröffnung einer neuen Ausstellung

16 Dec 2023

The group exhibition includes the work of 4-artists:
Viktoria Sophie Conzelmann, Aika Furukawa, Luna Haser, Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz.

Quarterly is ODP Gallery's initiative to allow gallery artists to expand the sphere of their art world with written texts. Quarterly is a place to perhaps bring the unexpected together. It is an attempt to seek an understanding between works of art by various artists. It aims to find a common essence. As part of the premiere, we will broaden the perspective with artist talks featuring Luna Haser, Marta Pohlamann-Kryszkiewicz, and Viktoria Sophie Conzelmann. Artists talk and guided tour will offer the chance to strengthen the connection between the diversity of the works and strive to find oneself in the works of others. All this will take place in an exhibition specially arranged for the premiere edition of Quarterly.

Vernissage start: 7 PM

Start of artist talk & guided tour: 8 PM